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Are you looking to develop a team with like minded individuals from the Christian community? Our Real Time Christian Leads are exactly what you are in search of. Through our vast network of online partners, we target these ad placements on websites where Christians gather, and design our landing pages to focus on the values you are wanting in business partners. Click on the image to the right, to pull up an example of one of our Christian Focused MLM Lead pages used to generate these Work at Home Christian prospects.

Christian MLM Leads are processed and emailed to you in Real Time; at the very moment they have clicked to submit their personal contact details on our Christian MLM Lead form. Finding similar individuals like you from the Christian Community to team up with on your new business venture has never been easier!

Real Time Christian MLM Leads Contain:

  • Prospects Full Name (First & Last name is provided)
  • Their street address, city, state, and zip
  • Phone number with area code, and the preferred time to call them back
  • Answers to up to 5 survey questions: Why are they looking? How much they want to make? How many hours per week can they devote? Are they serious? How much working capital do they have to start their business?
  • Time and Date Stamp, and IP Address

Our Real Time Christian Leads also Feature:

  • Leads Administration Panel (Provided Free), so you can view and manage your Christian Leads
  • Ability to adjust your daily lead limit and even pause the flow altogether
  • 100% Replacement Guaranteed for all verified Invalid Leads! Just report within your back office within 7 days, and we'll get you an additional lead credit added to your account
  • Optional Free Trial Upgrade to both our Ultimate Prospector Prospecting System, and our Power Dialer Pro automated Dialing Platform.
  • One click integrated link back to our MLM Leads Store to buy more Network Marketing Leads!

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