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Redirected Short Form Leads get real time prospects in front of your website, fully automated, and at the most economical price. Limited to just the prospects name, email address, and telephone number… we keep the informational fields to a minimum, to keep the pricing as low as possible. As these prospective new business owners seek out work at home options, we'll capture their information, and seamlessly transfer them over to the website of your choice to finish the presentation. You tell us the URL of your website, and we'll get them there!

Real Time Redirected Short Form MLM Leads provide an advantage over regular non-redirected leads, as the prospect is able to find out more details about your opportunity, while their interest is at its peak. They are currently searching online, came across our website, and now they are on yours. No delays, no waiting for you to schedule an appointment, just instant gratification NOW when they are actively seeking it. If you've got a great online movie or business presentation about your business, then Redirected Short Form Leads could be exactly what you are seeking!

Each Short Form Redirected MLM Lead Contains:

  • Prospects Name
  • Email address
  • Their Phone Number
  • Time & Date Stamp along with their Computer IP Address
  • And a redirect to your website included in the price of the lead!

Our Real Time Redirected Leads also Feature:

  • Free Admin Panel to Manage your Leads
  • Pause / Un-Pause control switches
  • Preferences to set how many Network Marketing Leads you want to receive per day
  • Update options if you want to change your Redirect link to your website
  • Replacement Guaranteed for Disconnected, Wrong Numbers, and other qualifying bad leads
  • Buy MLM Leads, and manage your Lead Subscriptions

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